Factors that make an organization the best TMT bar company in India

 The rise to the top for any business in India is a gargantuan task. It is mainly because India is a land defined by vast demographics and is the home to numerous businesses, ranking second just behind China when unregistered entrepreneurship and small businesses are taken into consideration. As a result, the competition to even survive in the Indian market with a business model in itself is extremely challenging, let alone the fact of being the best in the country. That is why business houses that are regarded as the best in India, signify quality that is unheard of.

Based on this market condition when we transit into an introspection of the TMT sector this same anatomy of the Indian market holds true. The TMT sector as we know is one of the oldest sectors of India after independence in 1947. They have been the pivotal driving force of India’s infrastructure and economic development over the past 8 decades. In this drive for India's growth and to be the global leader in the steel industry many Best TMT Bar in India have contributed in an exponential manner. Yet, many have stayed away from being the best in the field.

In this segment of our blog, we will dive into factors that separate the best TMT bar company in India from the rest of the market competition.

Factors that make an organization the Best TMT Bar Company in India 

Raw Material of TMT

The Best Quality TMT bars in India are manufactured from Virgin Iron ore This is because Virgin Iron Ore is the source of raw material for producing top–quality TMT bars. It is because TMTs manufactured from scrap or reused iron are of poor quality and end up developing rust, and cracks while being vulnerable to corrosion. This directly impacts the strength and longevity of the construction structure. Hence, the Best Quality TMT Bars Manufacturers always prefer to use Virgin Iron ore to produce TMT bars.

Process of Manufacturing TMT

The manufacturing process is one of the most critical factors in developing the best quality TMT bars in India. This is because the manufacturing process determines the strength and flexibility of the TMTs. That is why the top TMT bar manufacturers in India use a controlled process and the latest Thermex technology to manufacture TMT bars. This, in turn, provides the TMTs with increased strength, while reducing impurities. Further with the use of the latest technology the TMT bars can achieve better ductility, and improved ability to absorb energy. Allowing the structures constructed using TMTs to be more resistant to natural hazards like earthquakes.

The Grade of the TMT Manufactured

In India, there are many different grades of TMT bars that are presently available in the market. This varies between lower Grades to higher Grades. These grades of the TMT Steel determine the elongation of the bars. According to Indian Standard Deformed Steel Bars and Wires for Concrete Reinforcement Institute (IS: 1786/2008); lower grades TMT Bars have Lower Strength and High Flexibility whereas higher grades TMT Bar have Higher Strength and lower Flexibility. That is why the best quality TMT bars in India are manufactured keeping in mind that the TMT bar provides the right balance of flexibility and strength when you plan to use TMT for construction. As per research conducted by "Indian Standard Deformed Steel Bars and Wires for Concrete Reinforcement Institute" under (Indian Standard code 1786 & 2008); a TMT bar that maintains the right balance of flexibility and strength, signifies the minimum yield stress in MPa (tensile strength), and better elongation. Further, these top-quality TMT bars provide extreme weldability, ductility, and bendability which are far superior to all other TMT bars in India. 

The Design of the Ribs in TMT

The design of the TMT Ribs plays a crucial role in providing a strong anchorage sheath between the TMT and the cementitious material. Thus, allowing the concrete formed with the help of the TMT ribs to have a better grip. This in turn improves the stability of the structure by a huge margin, when compared with poorly ribbed TMTs, which often end up getting badly damaged during natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, etc. That is why the top TMT bar manufacturers in India select TMT ribs that are approved by “IS 1786”. It is because these approved ribs have been designed keeping in mind natural calamities that may affect the integrity of the building. Since India falls under a high seismic zone with a devastating history of earthquakes “IS 1786” approved ribs are a must when planning to use TMTs for construction purposes.  

Brand Certification

The best quality TMT bars in India are certified by the government & private bodies. This is because certified TMTs produced by the top TMT bar manufacturers in India go through a thorough testing process before being introduced in the market. That is why selecting a TMT brand that is backed by certifications like ISO and BIS ensures delivery of unparalleled quality products, which average and uncertified TMTs won’t be able to assure their customers.

These factors not only separate the best quality TMT bars in India from the average but also separate the best TMT bar company in India from all the other organizations. That is why as users when you plan to buy the best TMT bars in India, just don’t go by the claims of organizations, rather ensuring a background research on these factors would ensure delivery of the best TMT bars from the Best TMT bar company of India