How are TMT Bars Manufactured in a Construction Company?

 It goes without saying that TMT bars stand out as one of the essential components for all kinds of construction. Leveraging this, the Top 10 TMT bars in India 2022 have garnered all the accolades from construction engineers across the nation.

There answer lies in the step-by-step manufacturing processes of the Top Quality TMT Bars in India that comprise:

1. Mining of Iron ore

Raw materials such as iron ore, flukes, or coke are accessed to extract iron, which is stored in the liquid state. Post this, the igneous molten iron is exposed to pre-treatment and transformed into steel in a converter. Once the pre-treatment is complete, the liquefied iron is exposed to ladle heating for filtering the steel. The molten steel then is reassigned to a piece of casting equipment to create billets of around 130 mm2 or more.

2. Construction of the reinforced bar

By heating 1200 degrees Celsius to 1250 degrees Celsius, the steel billets are created and rolled to restructure the billets into the final frame of the reinforced bar.

3. Quenching of the TMT bars

When the hot rolled steel rods step out of the mill, they step into a water spray system, known as Thermex System. This process fuels the sudden decline in the exterior layer of the steel bars. Consequently, it hardens the exterior layer, while keeping the inner layer flexible and hot.

4. Self-tempering

Once the quenching process of the bar is complete, the material comes down to its normal state while the core of the bar experiences a higher temperature than the exterior. The heat of the exterior core is shifted from the core to the outer surface area producing a structure called Tempered Martensite.

5. Atmospheric Cooling

The said bars are then exposed to atmospheric cooling to normalize the difference in temperature between the hard outer and soft inner core, post the self-tempering process. When the bars are cooled, the austenitic core is converted into a flexible ferrite-pearlite arrangement.

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